Meal Planning Apps: Comparing the Best Apps for Family Meal Planning

This video shows you the best meal planning apps out there (in our honest and very humble opinion). There are tons of videos telling you to plan your meals! And tons more telling you how to meal plan. In this video, we show you which meal planning apps are best for you, whether you want to be able to find specific recipes, plan your shopping or manage your cooking.

The beauty of using meal planning apps is that it’s all digital! You won’t lose a recipe or forget something on your shopping list. You save TONS of time when making your shopping list and some of the meal planning apps even do the shopping for you!

Perhaps you have never thought about using an app to do your meal planning. Or you have tried one or two applications but never found the perfect meal planning app for your family’s needs. In either case, watch along to see how these (free) meal planning apps can make meal planning easier, cheaper, and more fun for you and your family!

Timestamps for review categories:
1:32 User-friendliness
4:21 Recipe flexibility (ability to import recipes)
6:37 Recipe variety and family-friendliness
7:54 Nutritional information
9:31 Shopping list quality
11:43 Flashy features/miscellaneous
14:14 Your thoughts?
14:29 Summary & our favorite

The apps:

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20 thoughts on “Meal Planning Apps: Comparing the Best Apps for Family Meal Planning

  1. Whoah! That was pretty intense! What's most important to you in a meal planning app? Or are you sticking with analog planning, and if so, why? We'd love to hear your thoughts so drop us a comment. 🙂

  2. Which is the best app for having your grocery list automatically sent to Walmart Grocery pickup? I’m really hoping that Paprika does this.

  3. This was one of the most comprehensive reviews of 'anything' I've seen on Youtube. Really well done guys. Subbed.

  4. I have spent the last year making Prospre – Meal Planner which is available on iOS/Android. Would love to hear what you guys think!

  5. Thank you for this! I have my own recipes/links, but I’m looking for something that will coordinate what’s on my list or fridge (buy a bag of carrots but recipe only needs one). Too often it ends up wasted, or recipes with the same ingredient (i.e. carrots) adds 5 more things to buy… suggestions?

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