My 8 week keto diet results // Before and after pictures //

My 8 week keto diet results // Before and after pictures //


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20 thoughts on “My 8 week keto diet results // Before and after pictures //

  1. One day soon you will be able to sprint that hill, well done Jenny keep doing it.???? don’t despair, you have to be patient, health takes a while to restore.

  2. Just look at all the people that support you . You are an inspiration to all. Give that scale up. Keep up the fabulous work. We love you!

  3. Hang in there girl. Take some measurements. There are cool apps you can put on your phone to track your measurements. I'm on the keto journey too! Definitely tracking measurements as well as weight. (I use Remeasure app). Pulling for you!

  4. Yes!! Non scale victories!! Did you measure your body? Important. Congratulations Jenny!!????????????

  5. You GO GIRL! You look and feel fabulous. Remember, you are building your muscles and muscle weighs more than fat.

  6. I was told not so much about the weight as the inches tell more. In your pictures you do see a change. Stay safe & take care of your self. Thanks for sharing eh :))

  7. You lost 2 pounds!!! That’s awesome in my book!!! Keep up the good work!! I’m proud of you and so is your family!!! God bless you.

  8. Check the measurement of your midriff. Your liver is losing fat and you’ll lose inches there first. My NFLD was cured in three months and my ribs don’t “twist” anymore.

  9. I'm on week two, I don't plan on stepping on a scale until week 8 but I'm glad I can take this journey with you!

  10. Love that you someone cheering for you when you got to the top! Stay encouraged! Slow and steady wins the race

  11. Bless you Jenny. I’m probably the same weight you are and I just got back on the keto diet again. I know everybody already said it but it bears repeating… muscle weighs more than fat! That’s a good thing????

  12. If you are climbing hills and running hills, you are building lots of muscle. Dont be discouraged. I didnt exercise and lost 45 pounds in less than 2 months. Dont let the scale get you you are getting fit.

  13. Keep up the great work!!! 2 lbs lost is better than 2 lbs gained!! And the scale will deceive you!! So don’t let it rob you of your victory!! If you’re working out too, you’re likely toning up your body by putting on muscle! So you are going to be a lot more firmer and more toned!! That hill looks like no joke!!! That alone is a NSV in itself!!!

  14. You are probably swapping fat for muscle. Each pound of muscle you gain burns more calories and fat so 10lb of new muscle will burn 300-500 calories per day✌

  15. I have struggled with obesity since I was a toddler and as I age I struggle to lose weight even with using the carb manager too. However I have no joint pain and other health benefits.

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