OMAD (One Meal a Day Diet) Science- Metabolic Inflammation

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Special Thanks to my team and Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student – for working diligently on research as well!

OMAD (One Meal a Day Diet) Science- Metabolic Inflammation- Thomas DeLauer

The concern with OMAD comes down to… METAFLAMMATION!! What is it? What triggers it? How do you avoid it? Today we’re going to talk about how TOO MANY nutrients at once may result in metaflammation! Let’s dive in and explain what this is all about! I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!!

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20 thoughts on “OMAD (One Meal a Day Diet) Science- Metabolic Inflammation

  1. Thanks for watching the video!! Appreciate the support to you all have shown the CHANNEL!! If you haven't already, LIKE ????????the video and SUBSCRIBE to the channel. If you have any ideas for future videos and/or questions, drop them in the COMMENTS below ????????!!

  2. My One Meal A Day does not consist of a full days calories. I fast 23 hours which triggers autophagy (my main purpose). I eat within one hour. I start with bone broth or almonds while I prepare a meal. Sometimes I eat shitty (pizza and salad) and sometimes I have veggies and meat.

    I eat between 1200 to 1400 calories during the hour and run or walk 5 miles a day.

    Lost 7 pounds my first week (mostly water weight) and then between 2 to 4 pounds each week after consistently. A total of 70 pounds to maintain.

    I love eating this way. I think it's important for everyone to find what works for them. I used to be a binge eater. Eating more than once a day doesn't work for me.

    I hated keto even though it worked because it's not sustainable for someone who loves food.

  3. Thomas- it’s the month of Ramadan which prescribes Muslims to not eat or drink durning daylight hours – any chance you could put a video out that could center the discussion around this, plus working out. As a former fat kid I can’t imagine taking a month off of the gym while eating near bed time and even waking up to eat just to get calories
    Thanks in advance

  4. How long is omad recommended or healthy enough to do??
    Plus, should I drink the whole 98gr of protein after my workout with my meal??

  5. Do you know what happens when you have Hashimotos and your immune system is already turned on and try OMAD? If not can you turn me towards possible information?

  6. Sir I know to know about something about OMAD which I will continue?but I think I do some mistakes so I DM u on insta can you help me?

  7. PKR responds to food intake because certain types of food trigger hidden viruses to become active as they use the foods as leverage. Avoid those foods (being eggs, gluten, dairy,)

  8. Hey man, love the video and all your advice. I do have one question that I cant seem to find a solid answer. OMAD & KETO DIET, PROS,CONS AND IS IT RIGHT FOR ME? I just started keto but I also started OMAD. Good,bad????‍♂️ plz help. Thanks

  9. So just eat slower. Dr nun amen ra says if you are just starting his protocol you may need to eat much slower and possibly have your eating window to 2 or 3 hours instead of just 1 to gain muscle.

  10. What does too much mean? 100% of calories in that single meal? So if eating 2000 cals per day and you split between 700 first meal then 1300 next meal are you good? Or is the 1300 meal still too much? How many calories brings the unwanted inflammation??

  11. A side note: I once used Haylie Pomroy's THE FAST METABOLISM DIET, eating a very high calorie diet for 60 days, & lost ~ 20 lbs effortlessly. She has created an incredibly satisfying diet which perhaps throws a wrench into today's new IF/OMAD weight loss paradigm. Ultimately it proved to be too expensive. But it definitely works…. A great diet for the obese to begin their transformation to health. She has discovered truths that haven't been explained yet. Still waiting for an explanation.

  12. It makes sense. But yeah, it's quite a lot about your personal health and your digestive capacity. Also not only checking the science but evaluating how you feel. Try both and see how you feel health, metabolically, mentally -wise and etc. I think someone who has really good digestive power and a lot of weight to lose can really see benefits of OMAD, whereas for example myself I believe I'd get really bloated if I would eat only one huge meal a day. In my case there's no point to do that, because I stress my body even more and another problem is how much of the actual nutrients do you absorb from one huge meal if your digestion is weaker.. It might just ferment & rot in your gut, creating endotoxins, feeding pathogens and not even absorbing that much. So yeah sorry that's my rant

  13. Hey Thomas. I'm 46 years old and I've been in ketosis for about 4+ weeks. I cross country ski 4 to 5 times week. and gym 4 days a week. I do not drink alcohol. Lately I've been fighting what I thinks arthritis in my right foot. It's driving me crazy because its stalling my progress. I can't ski or work out at the intensity I'd like or some times not at all.I think I'll give up all dairy but butter. Do you have any suggestions? I thought getting heathy wouldn't be this painful. lol

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