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  1. New sub here! Age 48. On week 17 of keto. My progress is slow too. But I feel like that's okay as I'm healing. I have ankliosing spondylitis as well as borderline hypothyroidism. I feel so much better. 14.5 lbs down.

  2. 34 pounds IS a lot!! Yoga (gentle, beginner, basics) will help you find ease in your body AND help fibromyalgia + chronic pain ????????????

  3. You look and sounds like you feel Amazing! I'm also on a keto 100 days challenge to a new keto lifestyle.

  4. About your fibro: I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was in severe pain all over my body including burning scalp syndrome. For a separate health issue, I began taking Zinc. Now this sounds totally crazy but it's true!!! Four days after taking the zinc, ALL PAIN was gone. Forward one month, I'm still taking Zinc and I'm still pain~free!!! Who would have thunk. ????
    New subscriber here.

  5. You’re beautiful! Congratulations! I’m a 50 year old newly divorced dad of young children (7 & 10) and I’m starting strict keto today. For years of my troubled marriage, I’ve turned to comfort foods in time of stress. I don’t smoke or drink, so I ate, and I can cook and bake. So now I need to loose 100 pounds. I feel awful most days and that leads to impatience with my kids. I’m doing this for them. I want to make the most of the next 10 years, to make a lifetime of memories.

  6. I must say you look ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Being over 60 myself the change was surprising. I wish I would have found the Keto Lifestyle before I had a LapBand put into me… It didn't work and caused me to have stomach problems, I had it removed…. My husband loves the food because he gets to eat meat again. After his quadruple bypass (heart) we went straight Vegan for 6 years which didn't help much because he had a heart attack in the 6th year. We switched over to KETO and all his problems went away, including the clearing out of the arteries that caused the heart attack from the bad oils and other ingredients found in foods. Thanks for the video it's extremely informative mostly the chronic Fatigue and Pain problems I extremely understand, I'm with you there. Like you said about weight loss, you tend to carry your weight differently once you lose a lot of the weight. I've lost around106 Lbs and my husband has lost around 90. We feel younger and way more interjecting.

  7. Jill! I hope you see this ???? May I suggest (I understand you aren't concerned about your thyroid) a fresh sea kelp extract? I truly believe that would make all the difference and it truly is important for your overall health. Do you watch Dr Berg? He is exceptional on explaining these things. He just did one (I just watched it, I mean, lol) on thyroid, and actually has several. Honestly, this could really help your pokey metabolism. Please, if someone else reads this do not aimlessly begin taking it. Watch his videos! They are never more than 10 minutes and you learn so much! We have a lot in common. I have fibromyalgia, back pain, my thyroid is hypo and other issues as well so I know the struggle! I take the sea Kelp for that and I have not weighed more than 130 lbs at 5'4 for a good 10 years. My most constant weight is 120 fluctuating to 125 or even under to 116 (no good. Too skinny, for me anyways). Been keto about 9 days. I definitely do not count macros either or perhaps yet. Make sure your weight loss goal suits you. For me 116 is not underweight for my BMI but 110 would be. That being said I look better and feel way better at around 124-127 ish. You look amazing, Jill!!!

  8. You are gorgeous! 34 pounds is excellent and yes you should be very proud of yourself! I started a few months ago and have not stuck to it firmly but despite I’ve lost 5 pounds and I feel and look so much better. I’m inspired to “ restart” again and see how I do! Thank you for sharing!

  9. I'm here before your channel blows up! You are a natural! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  10. Please reconsider going under the knife. As you continue on your keto journey, and increase if you will find your body will tighten and tone naturally. I made the mistake of using surgery before keto was raging. It was the biggest mistake of my life. Even without glam your perfect just the way you are. Although I love all the glam and wigs, having so much fun here. Anyway I do hope you will reconsider and focus on health, nutrition and fun exercise. Thankyou for sharing with us, it's such a pleasure.

  11. How do people get around the problem of bad breath that ketosis causes? People on diets and fasting sure can pong (though they are probably not aware of it!)

  12. I am so excited for you! I have been playing around with keto and intermittent fasting for 2 years. IF is probably responsible for ensuring i didn't shoot up 20 pounds during CoVid, but I haven't lost anything in the last year. It is time to get serious and your success is inspiring!

  13. Great job! I actually started keto after watching one of your videos in early Jan. January 17th was my first day on keto. I weighed 147 pounds (I'm 5' 3" small build and 67 years old) The last time I could remember being in the 130's was some years ago, maybe 6 but weight just kept creeping up. I now weigh 123 and my goal was 120 so I'm really really close! I can so relate to the scale going down from the 140's to the 130's.. that was SO exciting. Seeing the 120's finally show up, made me ecstatic! I don't think I'd seen the 20's since 1999. I do Yoga with Adriene every single morning ritually and that is helping tremendously with my flexibility. I'm so happy I started this journey. I'm doing vegan keto, so it's been quite a learning curve, but one I've been happy to tackle. Thanks for being inspiring and keep up the great work, you are so close as well!!

  14. Your hair looks fabulous as well as your face slimming. I am 52 and starting again this is the year!

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