Reasons NOT to do a keto diet?

What are the reasons NOT to do a keto diet? It turns out, there aren’t many and now a new scientific paper helps confirm that.

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20 thoughts on “Reasons NOT to do a keto diet?

  1. 5 months into keto and my fatty liver went away. My monthly blood tests went from red flags to completely neutral. I would never go back. Keto makes anyone feel wonderful. I’m weight training every day. Walking.

  2. There are too many you tube influencers pushing this diet and many more taking it up because of them, long term keto equals high bad cholesterol, kidney stones and bone fractures ????

  3. So can we absolutely say that keto cannot cause a prolonged QT interval if there is enough selenium and other minerals (potassium, natrium and magnesium) in the diet? If offcourse there are no underlying heart related issues?

  4. What about people that have had a cholecystectomy eating a Keto diet? People with their gallbladders removed will have diarrhea with excess fat they don’t break down. I’m surprised the studies you mentioned did not include this group.

  5. I’ve been on Keto for two months, blood sugar way down, weight loss 20 lbs so far & no inflammation. But I’ve had a rash on the top of my toes, and heels too that I can’t explain. Never had this before, so that scares me. Any info on how to address?

  6. Very low carbohydrates is the only way I’ve been able to get my hemoglobin A1c under 7, and with a proper carnivore diet I hope to get it under 6 soon. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for just over 50 years. Yes, I’ve had to drop my doses of insulin and insulin analogs a lot. Saves money: the analogs used to cost US$60 a vial and now they’re four times as expensive (though there are sometimes discounts).

  7. Interesting comment about whether you should follow a Keto diet when undergoing elective surgery.

    I had been diagnosed with Gallstones and needed to have my Gall Bladder out. Went Keto (in spite of my doctor advising me to avoid “fatty foods”. After 5 weeks of Keto, had my Gall Bladder removed via keyhole surgery and had been advised I’d be out of work for about 2-3 weeks to recover. Only needed 2-3 days – though got 10 days off work from my doctor. Stuck to the Keto diet throughout my recovery, had absolutely no problems with it. I would love you to tell me if Keto reduces the need for painkillers because I was given a whole load of Paracetamol and Codine to control the pain, but other than very mild discomfort in my incisions, and severe pain in my right shoulder which cleared after 3 days (also which painkillers wouldn’t be able to relieve). I felt like I had no need to take any medication at all and recovery was lightning quick. Any ideas?

  8. I tried Keto for 3 months and all I got was a severe case of diarrhea for the following 3 months after I quit the keto diet.

  9. Diet Doctor. You should check out Mark Sisson of Primal Blueprint and mark's daily apple. He partners and co-authors with some others like you. He's the one that inspired me to start LCHF/paleo about 7 years ago.

  10. My mother is having gall stones. Can this be a contraindications of keto diet? I'm afraid that if she eats a lot of fat, like in keto, the gall bladder contracts more and there is a chance that a stone can dislodge and cause a blockage causing cholecystitis. I would really appreciate if someone can answer my question. Thanks.

  11. I am breastfeeding and eating low carb! I basically eat Keto with some fruit and the occasional "slow carb". My baby and I love it. When I am done, I will try keto. Thanks Diet Doctor!

  12. Seeing as it's international breastfeeding week. Breastfeeding is often only referred to the initial stages of breastfeeding that is a huge demand on the mother. The recommendation of feeding for AT LEAST 2 years means that a keto diet is very possible while breastfeeding. The demand on the mothers body from 6 months onwards is established and extremely manageable for milk production and not experiencing DKA.

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