Salmon Salad with Dill

Salmon Salad with Dill
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This Salmon Salad with Dill is perfect to make with leftover salmon, or cook a few pieces of salmon just to make this tasty salad!

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Salmon Salad with Dill finished salad in serving bowl

Is it possible to take some leftover salmon, add celery and green onions and a lemony dressing, and create a salad you’ll absolutely drool over? I’m happy to report it is, and this Salmon Salad with Dill is perfect for anyone who has ever wondered what to do with leftover salmon. Or if you’re scratching your head and saying, “Who has leftover salmon?” I’ll give you instructions in the recipe for quickly cooking a few pieces of salmon to make this tasty salmon salad recipe! If you have some fresh dill that will only improve this delicious salad, but even with dried dill weed in the dressing anyone who likes salmon and dill is going to love this salad.

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