Spicy Cucumber Salad

Spicy Cucumber Salad
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This Spicy Cucumber Salad has an easy dressing with Asian flavors, and this sweet-sour-spicy cucumber salad is a refreshing side dish! I love the salad topped with toasted sesame seeds!

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Spicy cucumber salad in serving dish with plate and chopsticks in background

I love cucumbers and Asian flavors, so it’s not surprising that this Spicy Cucumber Salad would be something I’d enjoy and want to make over and over. The combination of cool cucumbers and spicy dressing ingredients gives this so much delicious flavor!

This recipe is perfect to make with the European cucumbers which are never bitter, and the recipe calls for the cucumbers to be salted and allowed to sit for 30 minutes to release water before they’re combined with the spicy dressing. I’ve made this quite a few times skipping that step, so feel free to do that if it seems too fussy for you. But if you like spicy Asian flavors, you have to try this recipe! This is a definite repeater for me.

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