Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs | Five Ingredients, Less Than One Net Carb! ????????

Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs | Five Ingredients, Less Than One Net Carb! ????????

Summer is upon us, and it’s strawberry season — the perfect time to make these delicious strawberry cheesecake fat bombs! They’ve become a favorite in our house. There are only five ingredients, and they have just 1.7g of total carbs per fat bomb (0.8g NET)!

Here’s the silicon mold that I use for all of my fat bombs:

You can find this recipe on MyFitness Pal by searching:
“HFHF Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs ????????”

Check out the full recipe, instructions, and macros here:

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20 thoughts on “Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs | Five Ingredients, Less Than One Net Carb! ????????

  1. oh i was waiting for the chocolate spheres, you could deposit them in a sphere and close the sphere and yum? i dont know if it would taste good yeah let me know if you try it. a little chocolate wont hurt. although one bomb is supposed to equal 1100 calories which i do not believe that.

  2. Omg! Thank you so much! They are delicious ???? and they help curb my sweet tooth craving! Love the easy recipe!

  3. How is the Swerve? Do es it have any bitter aftertaste? I used to like Stevia until one day it tasted bitter to me and then from then on I couldn't have it without gagging.

  4. Why does the Magic Bullet die if you put your bulletproof coffee in it? That's what I'm doing.

  5. She’s right……no “/paste”. Lol Also I use my nutri-bullet everyday for bulletproof coffee and mine is OLD and it’s fine……yours must have been really really old. ???? Love your video by the way…. She's a great narrator and I can't wait to try the bombs. ????????‍♀️

  6. I just perfected the blue berry version:
    7 oz cream cheese at room temperature
    7 tbsp sour cream
    3 oz blue berries
    Finely grated find of 1 lemon
    Juice of half the lemon
    Powdered sweetener to taste ~ I used 1 tbsp
    Blended on high until well mixed. Piper from a zip lock bag into silicon molds.
    Into the freezer to set.
    Best if left to soften a bit before serving.

  7. Haha I LOVE your banter with each other. It sounds like how my fiance and I give each other a hard time daily LOL

  8. FYI the peach mango zip fizz is available at Costco online. You can order it and have it shipped to your door. I just did love it. Enjoy watching you and Sarah. Keto on

  9. I love that I can always find anything I want to buy in your descriptions —- without you constantly telling ppl to buy things from your links ! Thank you!

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