Strawberry Chocolate Bombs Step By Step

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Frequently Asked Questions: Helpful Tips with Gigi
– What Chocolate Do You Use? What Do You Add To The Chocolate To Thin It Out?
Answer: I love the brand Ghirardelli Chocolate Melting wafers for melting, to these candy melts I honestly do not have to add anything to them. They are the correct consistency all on it’s own.
– What Should I Do If My Chocolate Is Not Runny? It’s Pretty Thick?
Answer: I have experienced using vegetable oil, melted Crisco vegetable shortening or melted coconut oil as a great alternative. Now, only use 1 tsp at a time and mix entirely. Remember you don’t want your chocolate too thinned out, then you will be able to see through the chocolate, in my experience.
– How can I help if my strawberry’s leak!?
Answer: My strawberries leak as well, but there is a way I help with that. Serve the strawberries the same day if possible, store them on your kitchen counter at room temperature or in the refrigerator in a covered, but not airtight container.
– What candy coloring do you prefer, Chefmaster or Colour Mill?
Answer: Honestly, I really love both. With Chefmaster you have your basic primary colors and can mix and match to create new tones and a little goes a long way. But don’t use too much, like more than 3 large drops! The taste afterwards is not at all good. Now Colour Mill, has very unique colors but you will find yourself using more of the product to color a large batch of chocolate.. Also, I find there is no taste if you add a lot of the color, so that’s a plus! They both have amazing qualities, If you’re starting out I recommend Chef master because the colors will last you quite some time before you need to restock.
– How long do strawberries last?
Answer: I make my strawberries 3-4 hours before pickup time to make sure the berries are at their peak of freshness. After I send off to customer, I let them know to consume within 12-48 max. Ideally, the same day as purchase.
– Do you ship or do you know how to ship?
Answer: I won’t ever ship, strawberries are SUPER delicate and damage will most likely happen. Not my level of expertise as far as this but if you ship, congrats for making it happen!
If you want to learn more about strawberry making, I will be creating a class this year and sharing with you all my tips, trial and errors you don’t want to make, pricing and things iv’e learned that will save you some time perhaps 🙂 Thank you for reading and feel free to follow my on my socials.
Its all @Pretty Pastel Pastries Have a lovely day!

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20 thoughts on “Strawberry Chocolate Bombs Step By Step

  1. Oh and another issue I had was when rubbing the top half on a hot plate, I had a hard time picking up the chocolate w gloves on. It went much easier w bare hands but I was sharing them so no way I’m not wearing gloves. Also, if you are heating up the top half & go to pick it up from the bottom, I noticed that the rim was getting soft so as I picked it up the edges would kinda start to push in which made it even more difficult to line up w the bottom part. Maybe I just suck at making these. I did make successful ones yes, but mostly I had so much trouble. And no, my plate was barely hot so that wasn’t the issue

  2. I love love love your beautiful bombs. I have made some last winter. There’s no way I could have just set the bottom half in the liner then adhered the top half onto the bottom because I had a lot of trouble getting both halves to stick without little slits on the seam. I had to be holding both sides in my hands. Do you find you have any openings in your seams? If so, how do you repair them? Some people rub melted chocolate around the seam. You must be some kind of magician. Thank you for sharing your tips! ????????????

  3. You are extremely talented! Thanks for sharing this idea..great for tween girl sleep over party!!!

  4. Gisele you’r the most beautiful person i know!!! Very cute ????
    My love…. From Brasil ????????

  5. Love this beautiful video!! You are such a lovely young lady and so easy to understand the steps you take to create this terrific treat!! Thank you!! ????

  6. This is great! Some of my friends, and myself included, do not like hot chocolate. This is a cute, different take. Thank you!

  7. A chocolate coated spoon with sprinkles and a bow on it would also be an amazing add on to the mug!????

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