The 4 Week Keto Diet – How to Cut on Keto

The 4 Week Keto Diet - How to Cut on Keto

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The 4 Week Keto Diet – How to Cut on Keto – Thomas DeLauer

Resistance Training

Meta Analysis – Nutrients

Looked to see if resistance training prevents muscle loss induced by caloric restriction

The review randomized clinical trials (RCT) comparing the effects of CR with (CRRT) or without RT on lean body mass (LBM), fat body mass (FBM), and total body mass (BM)

The six RCTs included in the review applied RT three times per week, for 12 to 24 weeks, and most CR interventions followed diets of 55% carbohydrate, 15% protein, and 30% fat

RT reduced 93.5% of CR-induced LBM loss (0.819 kg [0.364 to 1.273]), with similar reduction in FBM and BM, compared with CR

Concluded that CRRT is able to prevent almost 100% of CR-induced muscle loss, while resulting in FBM and BM reductions that do not significantly differ from CR.

Despite losing weight, resistance training still tears the actin and myosin, forcing the body to repair them, building them back up

Fasted Training

Fasting & Hormone Sensitive Lipase

Exercising in a fasted state increases both lipolysis and fat oxidation rates – Your body’s fat burning processes are controlled by your sympathetic nervous system and your SNS is activated by exercise and lack of food

When you train with your insulin at a baseline level, your body is able to both mobilize and burn more fat during your workouts than when insulin levels are elevated

The combination of fasting and exercising maximizes the impact of cellular factors and catalysts (cyclic AMP and AMP Kinases), which force the breakdown of fat and glycogen for energy

Study – The Journal of Physiology: Exercise in the fasted state facilitates fibre type-specific intramyocellular lipid breakdown and stimulates glycogen resynthesis in humans

Study from the European Journal of Applied Physiology

Subjects were split into two groups that were trained on two occasions separated by three weeks – one of the sessions was performed on an empty stomach after an overnight fast

Found: Increased p70s6k phosphorylation during intake of a protein–carb drink following resistance exercise in the fasted state – fasted training group saw a bigger increase in p70s6k
p70s6 kinase serves as an indicator of muscle growth



DIM is a naturally occurring byproduct of indole-3-carbinol (IC3), and IC3 helps the liver to metabolize estrogen more efficiently via upregulating the CYP1A2 enzyme (CYP1A2 is an enzyme that helps to break down toxins in our bodies)

It also simultaneously converts strong estrogen molecules into less potent ones (via downregulation of the CYPB1B enzyme and upregulation of CYP1A2 enzyme) – results in reduced estrogen levels and a more favorable estradiol/estrone ratio

Fish Oil (Muscle Growth & Fat Loss)

Muscle Growth

A study published in the journal Clinical Science looked at 9 healthy participants, age 25-45, who led a sedentary lifestyle that supplemented with 4 grams of DHA and EPA daily for an 8-week period

The pathways which regulate protein synthesis (mTORSer2448 and p70s6kThr389) increased by roughly 50% (50% more active in the presence of higher omega-3 fatty acid levels)

Fat Loss

Study 1 – Satiation

A study published in the journal Appetite looked at the effects of omega 3’s on appetite- was assessed in humans taking part in calorie restricted weight loss diets.

Participants were given 1 of 4 diets including no seafood, lean fish 3 times a week, fatty fish 3 times a week and omega 3 capsules (6 a day)

Scientists found that those who consumed meals high in omega 3’s felt more full directly after and 2 hours after

Omega 3’s modulated hunger signals that control hunger and fullness in the body, which can help you eat less and lose weight – specifically modulated postprandial satiety

Study 2 – Brown Fat & White Fat

A Japanese study published in Scientific Reports fed two groups of mice a high-fat diet – one group, however, also consumed fish oil

The latter group gained significantly less weight and fat, and had a hotter core temperature, due to an increase in brown fat


Magnesium directly interacts with your muscle tissue through a process called ion transportation

It bonds with specific receptor sites that open up the cell membrane and allow other mineral ions to enter, such as calcium and potassium – these ions help regulate muscle contractions and might ease muscle tension
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20 thoughts on “The 4 Week Keto Diet – How to Cut on Keto

  1. You put so much detailed thought, time, effort and innovation into this, thank you. This will be a fun 4-week challenge! Screw the haters.

  2. Hi Thomas. I did this for 4 weeks. Good program, good explainations and theories. I was wondering why the total cals are so low (just around BMR). In a ‘normal cut’ you would go on a, lets say 500 cals deficit. What about the topic losing muscle mass when overall weight is dropping ‘too fast’? Thanks for all your work.


  3. Wow this video is so informative, Thank you Thomas for all of the energy and time you take to put into these videos. Love this Channel. Years ago I tried so hard to follow you but I was not understanding anything or at the very least retaining it, now that I have been Keto for almost a year I find you much easier to understand. I know I am a year behind but I am determined to do this I have 4 weeks and my last 30 lbs to lose. I started at 213 used WW lost 40 gained back 15 and since Keto lost another 33 equals 155 lbs. I don't have a goal weight set half of the challenge is seeing how far I can push this. If the haters don't like the FREE information you provide they are FREE to Move On.

  4. 4 weeks keto cut done! Started on 29.03.2021 with 82 kg, finished on 25.04.2021 with
    The jurney wasnt so easy, but somehow i made it and i am really proud. This is worth to try!!! You will understund much more about food and macronutrients!! Thank you Thomas! God bless you!

  5. This is great but I don’t understand keeping calories so low for maintenance. I will starve

  6. Hi there…

    I'm on a shred following 3 months of building so this is perfect for me!
    One question though…
    I'm confused about week 2 fasting days. When you break your fast with protein and then 1 meal, what should your total cals be for the day? Are you saying stack your daily cals into 1 meal or just have 1 meal (so like 350 cals or so) after a protein snack?

    I lift 5 days per week so trying to figure all this out whilst still having enough energy for training

  7. Hi There, people say that when you get back to maintenance calories after a cut in a normal diet, you’ll see your muscles get bigger because they restore glycogen. Does this also happen when you cut using keto?

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  9. once week 4 is completed and we move on to maintenance, can I work out as much as I want or is it limited to one workout. I do not want to lose muscle mass at all.

  10. Thank you for sharing this!! Your videos rock! I am just starting my keto journey and your videos are super helpful!

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