The Benefits of the Keto Diet and How it Helped Montel Williams

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Dr. Oz reveals groundbreaking research about the benefits of the keto diet. Then, actor Montel Williams opens up about how the keto diet has helped improve his health after a stroke.

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20 thoughts on “The Benefits of the Keto Diet and How it Helped Montel Williams

  1. I'm on keto since November 2020 it was a struggle going from 300g of carbs to 5% .. it took me 6 weeks to get used to it. I love it. My career requires me to be at full energy for my clients all day.

    I feel amazing. No more mental fogginess.

  2. Ive just starter my Keto journey 2 weeks in! I was scared that I would crave my nemesis carbs but to my surprise I am not at all! I am enjoying it, its not hard to follow at all! I was Vegetarian-Vegan for couple of years it didn’t help with m Dystonic Tremor so i hope this will help eliminate those shakes in my hand ???????? Good luck everyone lets get into this New Lifestyle ????????

  3. Dr. Berg is the best first go to for advice on keto. If you haven't, please check out his channel. He has helped so many people.

  4. I gotta say though….. even when I do a keto diet…. I never forget how good those specific sweets are. I feel like I can relate to the alcoholic….. If I even eat one of whatever….. I am on a downward spiral.

  5. It makes perfect sense since these healthy fats are natural foods whilst carbs are artificial in a way.

  6. it's only been in the last 50 years since the rise of the sugar and refined carbs made us all fat. The food industry wants us to sing the "everything in moderation" mantra and that kept us all fat. They imply a calorie is a calorie so they can say the calories from donuts are the same as calories from salmon. Dr Oz I wish you would use your voice to tell the truth and shut the food industry down on that.

  7. For some people, a vegan diet will save their lives. For others, namely with ailments like multiple sclerosis and cancer, keto can save their lives.

  8. I have MS and Keto put me essentially into remission. It's nothing short of miraculous. Eat clean, whole foods. No processed crap. Including "Keto" crap.

  9. 90 percent of my diet is healthy fats veggies and 10 percent is frozen blueberries from Costco . Gota have my berries

  10. Anyone helps me how to manage to drinks these keto i have 3 bottles already,keto mango detox,keto genix,g factor.?

  11. I was in a serious car accident and went thru the windshield. I suffered from brain injury as a result. since being on keto. my brain started working better than ever before. I had chronic worsening multiple symptoms of tiredNess,brain fog,forgetfulness,car accidents due to lack of concentration. severe depression the list goes on. mood swings etc. . only been on keto for one month added omega 3 fish oil caps and OMG!! feel better than I have in thirty years. plus bonus of energy and weight loss. AMAZING!! no sugar cravings and appetite has reduced. oh my dry eyes have healed up and skin is clear for the first time in ten Years. !!! reducing meds atm. yay!!

  12. So true when he said after a certain time on Keto you totally stop with the sugar craving and for me personally when I think about sweets like a cake for example it makes me sick even thinking about it .. this is coming from someone when before would destroy a cake in a day.

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