The case for keto with Gary Taubes – Diet Doctor Podcast

The case for keto with Gary Taubes – Diet Doctor Podcast

Have you struggled to lose weight despite doing “everything right?” Gary Taubes has a potential solution. His latest book, The Case for Keto, expertly explains why a low-carb diet may be the answer.

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
2:37 Personalized meal plan ads
3:47 Welcome, Gary Taubes
4:07 The Case for Keto: who’s it for?
7:50 Gary’s personal journey on writing the book
12:31 Misconception of the word “hunger” in the health community
16:15 The story of starvation psychosis from the book
20:28 Fat gain in obesity vs in biochemistry textbook
30:47 The issue with diets being unsustainable
36:55 Populations who can tolerate high carb diets
43:17 Challenges from overcoming a personal bias
47:13 Well vs “poorly” formulated keto diet
55:57 Polarization of keto, then and now
1:02:33 Thoughts on the current “nutritional warfare”
1:07:13 Where to find the book and Gary Taubes

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20 thoughts on “The case for keto with Gary Taubes – Diet Doctor Podcast

  1. im vegan keto with IF and lovin itt!! all the delicious plant based whole foods healthy fats yumm. i started off completely healthy but just wanted to experiment. since I study ageing and dementia for my job, I wanted to experiment with life style recommendations for reducing these diseases

  2. I have been low carb since Feb 17, 2021…lost 25 lbs so far… I do not intentionally restrict my intake in any way. ????♥️

  3. Reading this wonderful book right now. I started keto 4 weeks ago and have lost 24 lbs….! I started with a short fat fast to get into ketosis but since then have been walking the straight and narrow. Anyway, I just read the most shocking bit of biochemistry that ever came down the pike…according to Taube et al, as insulin sensitivity increases with weight, there actually comes a point for obese people where just THINKING about food causes a release of insulin, effectively preventing them from using fat as fuel…and their hunger increases….at it's worse that means that super obese people can just watch a triggering TV commercial for fast food and trigger a release of insulin! And this makes them extremely hungry. So even as they're eating thousands of calories a day, they experience feelings of starvation. Not hunger–starvation.

  4. People need to take responsibility for themselves. What is the driver to eat crap? Marketing? In the USA bigger is better in your fast food world. Corporations couldn't care less if the bottom line $$$ rises.????

  5. Everybody is different. If i eat fatty cheese i gain weight, others dont.
    Btw, this interviewer is the star of the vid, listening, asking the right questions.
    Good job!

  6. I was on a Mediterranean-type diet and had to eat 1200 calories a day to lose wt (a 60-y/o woman, BMI 29). I went Keto (20 g carb/day) and could eat 2000-3000 calories a day and still lose weight (until I plateaued at a BMI of 23). I eat until I’m full, 2 meals a day.

  7. More creatures lose their lives due to clearing to make room to grow plant food than all the animals eaten by humans x. Without animal manure how does the soil get correctly fertilised for the uptake of essential nutrients by plants?

  8. quatar "By gender, 20.1% (n=111) of male and 18.3% (n=168) of female participants had DM. About 34.1% (n=158) of the participants aged 45-64 years and 12% (n=121) of the participants aged 18-44 years had DM"

  9. What an excellent interview! SO IMPRESSIVE! BOTH participants treat each other with respect and the clear desire to approach this crucial, and complicated, subject matter with honesty and scientific accuracy! They are obviously approaching LC/HF/KETO with deep concern for the health impact of what they say on the very lives of their listeners. I am so grateful for their contributions to our health! ❤️

  10. I'm 71, long term gout, slightly o/weight, BP has been ave 150/80.

    Gout was never brought under control by MD and drugs although tried for 3 years.

    Been self medicating for many years now with natural foods, avoiding purine rich items, keeping salt intake low, staying away from fats, butters etc. Gout progressively worse over last numerous years. Gout cocktail every morning started as dark cherry juice and expanded to include turmeric, celery seed extract, ACV, cinnamon, garlic, black pepper. I still drink this as there are many health benefits from the ingredients.

    Started Keto, low carb/high fat diet in December. Salt has tasted sooo good I have been salting everything. Eating much pork, beef, bacon, butter, greens, greens and more greens – avocado, artichoke, celery, broccoli, asparagus, radishes, brussels sprouts.

    In first week, gout pain and swelling gone. (has not returned) sleep is better.
    Have gone from Keto to Low Carb/High Fat diet after first month.

    Now, after 4 months, BP is consistently ~120/71. weight has dropped by 9 pounds – mostly from belly.

    I believe that my gout was caused by SUGAR – from carbs and sweets.

    For now, thoroughly enjoying the High Fat foods and the veggies. The lack of gout and lowered BP are truth to better health.

  11. The challenge for some/maybe many is that even if the Keto diet is a better way to approach weight management is that we don't eat just because we are hungry. We eat for all sorts of reasons–boredom, others are eating, the food we get comfort from is there in front of us, whatever. So it's not as simple as following Keto so you don't get hungry because insulin is better managed. I am convinced from personal experience that the keto way of eating is healthy–my numbers improved and I feel great. But I have many friends who can't keep from snacking and eating way beyond satiety because of habits and emotional drivers. If we are hungry we will eat and so a diet that keeps hunger at bay. That's a no brainer. But no diet seems to keep some people from eating irrespective of hunger/satiety. I have watched and read a lot about keto and no one seems to address this issue. It isn't just about eating because we are always hungry. I would love to hear Gary's thoughts. I read his first books when they came out and they blew my mind and changed my life so I am not coming at this as a skeptic.

  12. I wish we had more journalists like Gary Taubes! People that not only do their job with conviction no matter the outcome, but also have the balls to push forward against the dogma.

  13. I could listen to Gary Taubes all day. Thank you for this most respectful interview – two truly lovely humans.

  14. This is true, one of my second cousins was a physician. He regularly told his over weight diabetic patients to lose weight. Ended up he died from complications of diabetes, and he was not over weight.

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