The Ideal FAT to PROTEIN Ratio on a Ketogenic Diet: Meal Plan Strategies

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The Ideal FAT to PROTEIN Ratio on a Ketogenic Diet: Meal Plan Strategies

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20 thoughts on “The Ideal FAT to PROTEIN Ratio on a Ketogenic Diet: Meal Plan Strategies

  1. i lost 20kg on the keto diet in a month and i did a week for fasting. im in my 2nd month and realised i wasn't losing weight at all for the entire week couldn't tell why. i have sugar free gum that online says its not keto friendly and i have cream in my coffee light cream. so im currently on my 3rd day fasting again lost nearly 2kg in that time. what i was eating was half a chicken if not less and a hand full of veggies not a lot and maybe a can of tune small. any reason why i feel like i was out of ketosis or couldn't it be i went on a paus no idea. im trying to eat like 20 carbs a day max and im prob having around 600 to 700 calories a day if not less some days im a male btw

  2. As I started following diet and training plan from Agoge Diet, I took my confidence to the next level. Girls finally started noticing me.

  3. Ok I am a Sedentary as I can’t walk how much fat abs protein would you recommend I don’t eat a whole a lot either

  4. Started at 315 was I.F. for first 40 lbs then switch to I.F. plus keto for the last 15 lbs and now been stuck at 260 for the last 2 months

  5. I always thought dieting is expensive and 'healthy' food costs a lot. Little did I know. I got my diet plan from Agoge Diet and I was able to select foods that fit my budget.

  6. Watching your 2nd video trying to learn on how whey protein powder affects Keto and not even a mention

  7. So let me get this straight if i workout 4 days a week and my fat percentage (body fat) is about 25% i just need to eat protien and fiber green type veggies and no fats added to diet to get started in ketosis. Then once im in ketosis burning body fat then i should start adding more fats once my body starts using fat storage on my body first.

  8. Thomas, I have a pressing question that no one online seems to answer. Since fat doesn’t require protein to exist on the body, shouldn’t protein intake……whether it be 1 gram/lb or 1.5g/lb etc …..shouldn’t it be based on lean body weight rather than on total body weight ? When I eat say 180 or over grams/day, I have foamy urine and can tell my kidneys are straining…..I can feel it in my kidneys even a bit. I also have a gfr of 69, which isn’t optimal. I weigh now 190 at 14% body fat. I Started keto 3 months ago at 212 with 30% body fat. Began working out hard after 8 years off, and made incredible gains, but don’t want to overdo the protein especially since my father has very bad kidneys, which I somewhat inherited.

  9. I'm slightly lost… at the end he says START at 60% protein, which if you're eating 2000 calories is 1200 of them being protein…. that's 300g protein isn't it? That's waaaay more than the 150g for a sedentary person as the example used in the beginning, and even for the heavy lifter, wouldn't you want to keep it like 200-250g? Am I missing something or is my math wrong? lol I don't trust myself. For me eating about 1600 calories a day (I have a lot of fat to lose) when I entered 60% that was like 240g protein, which seems insanely high to me.

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