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  1. Great video. Love it! Losing weight is a painful thing. I lost about 10Kg in 2 month with this ancient tonic. Watch this video to learn D I ET 101

  2. I read many good opinions on the net about how Okibetonic Secrets (google search it) will help you lost a ton of weight. Has any one tried using this popular weight loss system?

  3. This video has great information, but I am confused about the best diet plan that I need to use, only because I have never used any. Anybody tried the Okibetonic Secrets? I've noticed several people talk about amazing things about Okibetonic Secrets.

  4. I feel like I lost weight just listening to this…Keto works but must be done correctly if not you will be in trouble as you will get sick. Dr Berg really breaks it down in a simple fashion and teaches how to do it correctly. I lost 40 lbs snd got rid of my meds.

  5. There is no basis for the statement that carbs are the body's preferred energy source. All we know is carb metabolism is prioritized in the presence of sugar in the blood and this could be due to many reasons such as toxic effects of high blood sugar or the relatively rare occurrence of dietary sugar in ancestral environments.

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