THE KETOGENIC DIET: Science Behind Low Carb Keto for Fat Loss, Muscle & Health

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In this video, we’re looking at whether or not the ketogenic diet is more effective than conventional diets:
‣ Is there a metabolic advantage to keto?
‣ Is there a strength/athletic advantage to keto?
‣ Is keto better for heart health and insulin sensitivity?
‣ Is keto better for fat loss and weight loss?
‣ Where did the keto diet come from? (Brief history)

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Filmed and edited by Rashaun R and me using Final Cut Pro X and Sony A6500. THIS ONE WAS A LOT OF WORK! Please leave us a thumbs up!

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About me: I’m a Canadian natural pro bodybuilder and internationally-qualified powerlifter with a BSc in biochemistry/chemistry and a passion for science. I’ve been training for 12 years drug-free. I’m 5’5 and fluctuate between 160 lbs (lean) and 180 lbs (bulked).


Disclaimer: Jeff Nippard is not a doctor or a medical professional. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk. Jeff Nippard will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness or death.
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18 thoughts on “THE KETOGENIC DIET: Science Behind Low Carb Keto for Fat Loss, Muscle & Health

  1. What do you guys think of keto? Have you ever tried it? Was the "adaptation period" as rough as they say?

  2. "Protein spike insulin" yeh… so why when u go carnivore after few months… you eat TONS OF PROTEIN and your blood sugar doesn't even move. This nonsense like calories in calories out… makes no sense. Ppl eat nearly 4000 calories of meat and fat a day and STILL LOSE WEIGHT without even exercising.

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  7. I have always linked word 'diet' with starvation, until I discoverd website "Agoge Diet". With their diet plan, I am never hungry and I am still losing weight. Amazing!!!

  8. I knew it before you said it that you have never done Keto. I think that it is unwise for people to give advice on matters that they personally do not have a close connection with. I have seen the keto lifestyle reverse life-threatening illnesses Time After Time After Time Again in many many people. One of the great things keto does allow, is for a person to reduce their intake of processed foods and sugar which are the two main culprits of inflammation and disease. How could incorporating these things into one's diet, and eating them in the way that the food pyramid says we should be beneficial? The food pyramid is inverted and it should be flipped the other way. It recommends that the majority of calories should come from carbohydrates for diabetics this is absolutely insane! People we are going to have to start thinking and doing for ourselves. I have successfully lost ten pounds a month every month over the course of the last year doing keto. No cheating, no food cravings, no emotional instabilities, just clean Keto. It is the best thing that I could have ever done for myself. And the fact that the people that recommend things that keep us sick tell us that we should not do it is a red flag.

  9. What is Okibetonic Secrets? Does it work? I hear lots of people burn their weight with this popular fat burn method.

  10. I heard some guy lost 12kg in just one month by following diet plan from Agoge Diet so I tried that too. Although I didn't lose that much, I could say this thing really works and it's definitely worth trying

  11. Case studies are hardly science, you’re just parroting hand picked studies based on your scope of fitness

  12. I tried it for 3 months and lost 30 pounds. I stopped it and didnt gain anything back so I plan to use it for cutting if I get big enough to do a cut.

  13. This video is clearly biased. While he makes some good points, he focuses on the few paragraphs from the paper that are aligned to his beliefs and denying the rest. At 13:13 you can see a clear bias, what does he mean there isn't any health advantage? In the video he showed that ketogenic diet is beneficial for diabetes. It is a known fact that the ketogenic diet is used to to tread epilepsy and diabetes, after knowing this how can someone say there aren't any health advantage?

  14. I wonder if anyone ever mentions how you can’t generalize nutrition. Some people will have more success with fat in their diet than others. Those with the APOE4 gene variant can’t tolerate fat in their diets the way those with APOE3 gene variants who can eat moderate amounts of fat and those with APOE2 gene variants can eat a lot more fat without any issues? Those with APOE4 tend to have higher cholesterol and later on in life are more at risk for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. People with type 1 diabetes, for example, can’t thrive on a high carb diet such as mostly fruits because it spikes their blood sugar they would need to take an insane amount of insulin to counteract the constant hyperglycemia. A type 1 diabetic can’t survive on a no carb diet either because they need to eat carbs when they’re experiencing a hypoglycemia to raise their blood sugar. I never hear anyone mention variables like these.

  15. Jeff Nipard is always onesided trys to find obscure articles to support his beliefs. He didn't even mention once the process of the body entering ketosis and the creation in ketones which burn fat.

  16. I did a low carb diet for almost a year. I did not count calories, Since low carb youtubers made me believe you do not have to count calories if you are on a low carb diet…of Course there was no change in my weight or body recomposition over that year haha ????. I went back to eating my beloved potatos and startet a caloric deficit in wich i lost 7kg in 12 weeks. Now i study food science in Bonn, Germany because the topic interested me so much????. I couldn’t agree more with what u say in the video! Very good research ????.

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