The Science Behind Ketogenic Diet | Should You Try This?

Weight Loss is a quest that humanity has been on for generations. As a species we’ve experimented with all kinds of foods, forms of exercises, and nutrition macros, just to get into a state that we perceive as “fit”. More recently, at least relatively speaking, the ketogenic diet is gaining popularity around the world, including in India. But just like any other diet, there are many arguments, both for and against it. In this video, we’ll understand what the diet exactly is, and what are the risks and benefits associated with it.

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20 thoughts on “The Science Behind Ketogenic Diet | Should You Try This?

  1. No need to harm yourself with the keto diet. It is just a matter of calories in, calories out. Following a structured and diverse diet like the Agoge diet helps a great deal though.

  2. 2 year ago,I went 85 to 72-75 in just 2 months by doing keto twice.
    About strength- in the beginning i was feeling weak but after a weak everything was okay. I was running 20 min and doing weight training 40-45min ,i felt very good NO SIDE EFFECTS AT ALL AND I AM PURE VEGETARIAN.
    Today,I am starting in again.

  3. I am against the fact that fruits and grains in nature…. we manually cultivated it. Farms did not pop up on its own nor did fruit and grains make up more than 30% of natural vegetation. we upscaled it beyond natural limit.

  4. The title nutritionist means nothing.
    Anyone can call themselves "nutritionist".
    Ask any registered dietician.

  5. No one addressing the question whether skinny people should be on keto or not. To gain muscle. Absolutely no one. All they're talking about is weight loss weight loss weight loss.

  6. I think the people who are higher carb intolerance and who has endomorph body type can follow keto to lose those stubborn fat.

  7. I shed fat and water gained pure muscle mass at the same time ..I was using ghee butter coconut oil sesame oil and lots n lots of mutton fat …fatty meat ,nuts ,…The best thing is food is tasty u can fry it

  8. This guy is dumb, what are veggies made of? They are carbs. Vegan whole food plant based is the way to go.

  9. One question for Mr. Capadia.
    He asked that if humans were meant to eat carbs then why are we getting obese. He simply correlated eating high carb with obesity.
    I just wanted to ask that what about people who live in villages or who who do physical labour? Do their platter is decorated with high protein and high fat dishes? Do they even look overweight, let alone obese?
    These protocols are best suited for people who don't even want to move, eat a ton of food and still want to be in shape.
    By the I am not saying that these protocols are not effective, but the people by whom these are being devised and by whom these are being followed just want some new cutting edge nutritional science methods in order to get the results. Follow basic principle, eat less burn more.
    There may be some exceptions who might benefit from new protocols. But why are these protocols being marketed as panacea for fat loss slaaaaaash weight loss?

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