This LOW FAT Keto Diet Gave Me INSANE Results (my self experiment)

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Special thanks to Dr. Ryan Lowery, PhD, and Nicholas Norwitz, Oxford PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student, for their invaluable contributions to this self-experiment!

Dr. Ryan Lowery:
Nicholas Norwitz:

This LOW FAT Keto Diet Gave Me INSANE Results (my self experiment) – Thomas DeLauer

So I tried experimenting with a LOW FAT, HIGH PROTEIN keto diet, and the results were nothing sort of insane! Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how this style of eating is even possible, and whether or not high protein kicked me out of keto… well let’s dive into the video and try to answer these questions that this self-experiment posed!

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20 thoughts on “This LOW FAT Keto Diet Gave Me INSANE Results (my self experiment)

  1. Isn’t this like Maria Emmerich’s protein sparing modified fast? Did you do 2 Consecutive days or spaced out? I heard u say low fat day then fast day. Is that the 2 days or u did this combo twice?

  2. I started lowering my fat on keto because I noticed that I have plateaued for 2 months. Keto also has it's own issues

  3. I think your right about the fat cause I still wasn't losing weight till I cut back on the fat oils.

  4. Interesting! I just switched from vegan (1.5 years) to keto/carnivore because my gut was totally messed up. Anyways, I made the change 2 weeks ago and I started to notice that I would prefer to eat more protein and a little less fat. I just don't feel drawn to too much fat and I am also not that excited about all those calories it provides. I am gonna figure out a way to up the protein and go down on the fat a little. And/or cycle through high and low fat days like you. Still being careful about veggies and fruits right now due to the gut thing which has completely resolved since cutting out all the fiber and starch. This is all very interesting!

  5. Is it okay to have one drink with carrrageenan on my cheat day choc delamere my go too ????????

  6. Thomas, I am now playing around with the fat vs protein intake. What I am noticing is that I crave and enjoy eating greens and veggies when protein increases. This is not the case when fat consumption is higher. Due to satiation from fat, I tend to not eat so much veggies as I would like.

  7. Theres no such thing as low fat keto my guy, theres a reason you don't eat an excess of protein.

  8. You mean my years roids experiment I guess ????. Why YT brings me always to this liar's channel. It's excruciating really.

  9. high protein is amazing especially on workout days. it definitely replenishes glycogen in both the muscles and liver (if excess). that's also probably where the myth / confusion / fear-mongering comes in. it does turn to glucose after every cell in need of repair gets it's protein fill. what it does with that glucose then is 100% restorative

  10. This could be good news for me, as I seem to crave much larger portions of protein than traditional keto would allow.

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