Transitioning from Keto to Low Carb | Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Macros, Carbs, and Keto Weight Gain!!!

Hey hey! Welcome back to another video! Ummmm first, did you SUBSCRIBE and give this video a THUMBS UP?! In today’s video I talk about my transition from a ketogenic lifestyle to a low carb lifestyle. It has been a fun transition and I am seeing more definition in my abdominal area since cleaning up my diet and removing a lot of fat and dairy. I loved keto, but it wasn’t fitting for my lifestyle anymore and I wanted to explore my other options. Low carb is sustainable for ME and I have been loving it. When you’re thinking about your diet/lifestyle, think about what’s sustainable for you in the long run and do that. Don’t forget to have fun with it!!!

I am NOT a nutritionist, this is just what works for ME 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Transitioning from Keto to Low Carb | Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Macros, Carbs, and Keto Weight Gain!!!

  1. If you are trying to find my Instagram @carbcuttingchelsea , months after posting the video I changed my handle to @balancingchelsea so make sure to follow me there. ????

  2. I thought I heard you say you were leaving links to nutritionists you follow down below. I looked, but didn't see them.

  3. This was very helpful.. I’m trying to change from keto diet and freaking out of gaining back weight. But keto have been giving me headaches and some blood flow issues I feel. Like I’m easily getting numb on my hands and legs. Not sure what it is possibly electrolytes. What is your macro numbers on fat?

  4. Im happy I came across your video because I definitely needed this. I have lost about 21 pounds on keto but I have been craving my fav açaí bowl and I want it so bad but I know that I’ll feel guilty after eating it. I’ve also been thinking about switching to low carb but have no idea how. So this video was very informative! ????

  5. I enjoyed your video. I'm transitioning from Keto to low carb now, and it is nice how many of your comments resonated with me.

  6. Great video, loving your vibe! ????New subscriber here, would be awesome if you could return the support ????

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