Two Ingredient Keto Crepes with Raspberry Jam

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Two Ingredient Keto Crepes with Raspberry Jam
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Two Ingredient Keto Crepes with Raspberry Jam
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20 thoughts on “Two Ingredient Keto Crepes with Raspberry Jam

  1. Absolutely love this video. My husband would croak if he saw me do that with her dog I love it!!!! Not sure if you'll see this comments this is an older video but just wanted to say I can't wait to see the baby!!!!!!

  2. I have made the KC tortilla recipe several times, and they definitely need to be cooked enough to flip. These look like they'd behave pretty much the same. Will definitely try this out in my mad science cooking lab…. er, kitchen.
    Thanks for the video!

  3. I’m gonna leave stevia and make a savoury filling. Like creamy mayo-y chicken with a hint of say tomato or paprika.

  4. Keto friendly, but 1992827373737373 calories.???????????? oh but y'all will still lose "fat"????????????

  5. "… Going to be a chia seed based jam"
    Runs to my cupboard and checks carbohydrates
    Sorry guys; carb nazi here lol… I am nine {grateful} days into a wonderful new way of living and still shun all things that are not zero????????

  6. Hey guys come see these two ingredient crepes. Adds 4 ingredients. Keto connect you are too good for clickbait titles.

  7. It takes years of practice to flip tortillas. Im convinced my mom, sisters, and grandmom have burned their fingertips off. I flip crepes with my hands like they’re tortillas

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