Use These Foods to AMPLIFY Ketosis (& Get Deeper in Keto)

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Use These Foods to AMPLIFY Ketosis (& Get Deeper in Keto)- Thomas DeLauer

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20 thoughts on “Use These Foods to AMPLIFY Ketosis (& Get Deeper in Keto)

  1. Brazil nuts are awesome nuts. But you nailed it on the head. That Selenium is also very good to keep Thyroid glands secretion and T4 conversation in the liver at the optimum level. Great video. ???? ???? ????

  2. I love this coffee and used to order it….but I noticed a warning on the packaging that it may contain lead. What's up with this?

  3. Thomas your work is great and thank you. But I hate coconut oil it's sweet to me. I cook well and I don't use it for my family. I hate sweet food. But I enjoy mct oil. Olive oil is the best.

  4. Omega 3s… wait, is that why the past couple days when having shrimp, salmom, and snacks with walnuts that my ketones jumped from 1.5 mmol/L to 4.0 mmol/L?? ????

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