Using the Fat Fasting Technique [What It Is and When to Do]

The fat fast is a technique used by people who are metabolically resistant and have trouble with their induction into ketosis. Let me first say that fat fasting should be used in 2 situations only:

1. Breaking through a 2 week or longer plateau.
2. Inducing yourself into ketosis quicker, whether you are just starting keto or you had a cheat day.

It is important to stress that a fat fast should only be followed for a few days maximum as it does not provide sufficient protein and other nutrients. It is also not recommended when you are very slim and don’t have significant fat stores.

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20 thoughts on “Using the Fat Fasting Technique [What It Is and When to Do]

  1. this is not a fat fast. coffee with coc oil..some butter….mct oil thats it…Ive been practicing TRUE FAT FASTING FOR YEARS
    but nice video:)

  2. The meals you show are a lot more that Dr Atkins recommends in his book for fat fast. I suggest everyone read the book. What you showed looked more like Induction.

  3. Best fat fasting video around,informative,down to the point and easy to understand..Thank you

  4. I like to eat fat only (morning and mid-day) and then do OMAD. Very easy for me and keeps slow but stable weight loss/maintenance.

  5. Sorry but this is not pure fat only fast, if you look to avocado, nuts, meat nutrition facts they all have protein….

  6. I fat fast only with fluids and fat. I do it for inflammation decreasing NOT weight loss. I fell into not bc I was advised to but just noticing I get the same results as with just water. I hardly weigh just once each month but I do FF once ever week for Autophagy 72 hrs. I actually feel better Fasting then eating explain that one?

  7. This was incredibly informative. Each time I wondered something, it was the next thing you addressed. Really well done. Thank you!

  8. I typically eat one meal a day and will like to know if I can stick to the protocol (90% cal from fat and under 1200) but only eat that single meal.

  9. I have a question, can you omad all your calories or do you NEED to split it up into tiny meals?

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