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7 thoughts on “VERIFY: Is the Keto diet dangerous?

  1. No one will die before Allah’s well. In addition a plant based keto would be healthier than animal based keto in terms of good health.

  2. Yeah. Eating burgers and french fries with a nice fat sugary soda? No problem.

    Bready cereals that are basically cake first thing in the morning? "Part of this nutritious breakfast!"

    Hey, that's the tried-and-true standard american diet that's scientifically proven to be good for you, right?

    But eating steak and cauliflour every day? Ohhhhh no no, people better do that under the supervision of a DOCTOR!

    Stop it. Jesus.

  3. This news organization made a conclusion that a certain diet is not dangerous based on one fitness nutritional specialist without citing his credentials or any studies? That's pretty sloppy journalism.

  4. Look at the results of the Virta Health study done by Sarah Hallberg. Type 2 diabetes REVERSAL in 60% of a very sick population, simply by adhering to a ketogenic whole foods diet. No calorie counting, no extreme exercise routines. Just stick to meats, high quality fats, and low-starch vegetables, and your T2D melts away, along with the fat. And it happens quickly: within weeks, you can be off your T2D meds and back to normalized blood glucose. Others are doing it too, not just Virta. See The Obesity Code and The Diabetes Code, two books by the brilliant Canadian nephrologist Jason Fung, who is rescuing people by the hundreds from the ravages of T2 diabetes, using a combination of quality low carb high fat eating and intermittent fasting. I am one of the saved. I bought Fung's book last year and cured my disease. One year in and I feel amazing. If you are suffering with type 2 diabetes, obesity, brain fog, inflammation, heart disease, or pretty much any other modern chronic malady, you can likely benefit from this life saving therapy. Read one of Fung's books, or books by Tim Noakes, Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber, Steve Phinney, Jeff Volek, Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz. Or watch videos by any of them. You will be amazed at what your doctor DOESN'T know.

  5. I haven't heard of a person dying from the keto diet specifically but I've heard of millions dying from obesity related issues and if the keto diet is working for them to lose weight then I don't see why it would be dangerous to begin with. Great piece!:)

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