WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION || KETO || Before and After Pictures

WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION || KETO || Before and After Pictures

Hey guys! It’s January 1st 2019 and that means it has been exactly 1 year since I started my weight loss journey. I promised my weigh in results and I am so excited to announce that I have lost 90 pounds in 1 year following a keto diet and exercising. Not a 100 pound loss like I was hoping for but I am still so proud of myself. I wanted to share some before and after pictures with you to help motivate you to continue or start a weight loss journey yourself. If I can make it this far, I know you can too! Cheers to the next chapter! xo
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20 thoughts on “WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION || KETO || Before and After Pictures

  1. This is a proper weight loss video with proper before and after videos – no waffle i literally can't stand these waffles that go on and on and then don't even show you proper before and after photos.
    Well done to this woman on her weightless journey

  2. Love that you lost without surgery!! So many channels/videos start with “so I got lap band surgery,” and to me that’s just a cop out and not an option. Hard work and dedication all the way. Way to go!!!! You look awesome, and I bet you FEEL awesome!

  3. You did great, I lost 54 lbs, I walk >10K/day, I watch what I eat, and I don’t drink. Keep your eye on the prize…. Great video

  4. So inspiring! I've been keto for a week and have experienced keto flu but have lost 11 lbs already!

  5. So what can you eat and drink ? I keep trying to give up Pepsi and candy but get so stressed and have no one people just put me down so I give up

  6. Omg so inspiring and brave! Congratulations on your success and courage. I just started Keto 8 days ago…already 9 pounds off!!!! So happy????. Blessings to you

  7. I tried the keto diet but the keto flu nearly killed me , I went into shock , so it’s not for everyone , talk to your doctor first and get some basic bloods done first .

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