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13 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day On 500 Cals | My 27th Weekly Update On The Keto Diet | 5:2 on Keto

  1. I have AS too. Not doing as well as you seem to be but I'm 55 now. I just found out abt 10 yrs ago that I have it. Carbs make it more painful for sure!

  2. Just FYI I like to watch but I get fustrated CA take always so hard to hear you just some feed back but appreciate yr videos

  3. Hi Laura, I work on the British food science program Food Unwrapped on Channel 4: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/food-unwrapped.
    We love your video ‘What I Eat In A Day On 500 Cals' and would like to feature a clip of it in an upcoming summer diet special, to be broadcast on Channel 4 worldwide in all media in perpetuity. Can we have your permission? My email is grainne.hallinan@ricochet.co.uk. Thanks, Grainne.

  4. Do your fast days take you out of ketosis? I'd really like to do a 500 cal day or two per week. I'm a vegetarian, does your veg stir fry work with keto? Please help. Love your videos 🙂

  5. Great video, I am still trying to get on board with Keto but I am also a fan of 5:2 so this has been good to see someone actually doing 500cals with real food and not using whey protein shakes as I used to be a Cambridge Diet counsellor & 500 cals was a way of life

  6. Hey there! Another great video. I just adore your glasses but you look great without too!

    So I just finished my egg fast. Have you ever done one and if so how did you feel about it?

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