What I eat in a Week – Keto Weight Loss Results after 2 WEEKS!

What I eat in a Week – Keto Weight Loss Results after 2 WEEKS! I sharing my weight loss results within for 2 short weeks, what I ate, plus before and after pics. How did you guys do this week? I did pretty well with the exception of one meal. I’m so happy to finally not feel bloated and to have so much more energy. How are you feeling?

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20 thoughts on “What I eat in a Week – Keto Weight Loss Results after 2 WEEKS!

  1. Is this a personal vlog or does it get to the actual part how she lost the weight, in a nutshell?

  2. I’m on day 4 of Keto and feeling great! Never thought I’d be doing Keto but here I am LOL I lost 35 pounds close to two years ago doing IF. However I still had all the carb cravings and eventually have gained 20 pounds back (Covid shutdown didn’t help ????). I feel so good and motivated from Keto-haven’t experienced Keto flu but my test strips say I’m already in ketosis. I can tell I’m less bloated and feel satiated. I know I’m a carb addict and Keto will more or less be a lifestyle choice for me-I’m excited and watching all your videos! God bless you and your family! Thank you for sharing your Keto process! It is sooooo helpful ❤️ ????

  3. I'm not a big fan of bread but I saw the recipe for cinnamon pretzel on the website! Looks so good omg

  4. The thing that I found exceptional relating to metabolic cooking recipes compilation is it allowed so as I was able to quickly plan my meals and in addition work the prep time frame into my personal frenzied schedule. I really could organize certain components of the daily meals ahead of time to reduce the prep when I was hard pressed for the time. The downloadable copy on my smart phone made selecting the foods very simple as well as a good part of those ingredients are straightforward to find while generally affordable. I searched but couldn't find this type of a high quality range of recipes like this anywhere. Read my detailed review at my blog site here https://tinyurl.com/j8ye9go

  5. Chaffles are LIFE! you just have to find the right ingredients. And using them as bread for a sandwich is the best!

  6. I have never had a chaffle for the same reason…I don't like the egg/cheese taste lol. How did you like it? Would you make it again? Im so picky that if it doesn't taste like what Im trying to replace I don't even want to bother

  7. i'm back at strict keto today and I just found your videos and what a great timing! Thank you so much xx

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