What to do AFTER Keto? | FREE POST KETO Diet & Training Plan | BeerBiceps Ketogenic Diet

Keto refeed days : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HgHMN9gsKA

Ketogenic Diet Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyxPH6jPnlw&list=PLfNW_1ECVaTjS3uCMaREDvFQYCQgBrtx3

The final video in the Keto diet series – WHAT KIND OF DIET SHOULD YOU FOLLOW AFTER THE KETO DIET IS DONE? That is the question so many of you have been asking, so here the video. There is a set METHOD that needs to be followed when coming OUT of the keto diet. You CAN put on fat once you’re out of keto, IF you play the game wrong. That is why I’m putting out this free of cost post keto diet & training plan, to ensure that your weight loss/fat loss is not TEMPORARY. What after keto diet? This is your answer. Hope you guys like the video!
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20 thoughts on “What to do AFTER Keto? | FREE POST KETO Diet & Training Plan | BeerBiceps Ketogenic Diet

  1. is it ok to do IF while getting back at normal diet? And should sugar be completely avoided or we can have it once in a while?

  2. Can anyone tell me that if I'll do keto diet for 40 days and then follow these 7 days diet,will I not gain weight again?

  3. If you wants to go for keto diet,first have to calculate ur calaries as per ur weight requirements… google for it,then watch headbangers video for keto food,also, eat carrots, Onion ,but in few quantity..5 to 7 ,% carbs,. 70%fat,13-15% protein

  4. Do moisturize your body with coconut and almond oil during and 30-40days after keto. Take multi-vitamins ant omega 3 to avoid STRETCH MARKS…Take 3-5 ltrs???? water too.

  5. Please ये video हिंदी मे बनाइए ना…खास हमारे लिये…दिल से..!????????????

  6. I thought i can have balanced diet.. Okay i get it morning fruit, lunch balanced diet and snack peanut or almond, dinner salad..

  7. If you want to lose 20kg like I did, you need to visit website NextLevelDiet. They provided me with 30 days plan meal, training plan, fitness tips and healthy recipes. Visit their site and transfrom your body!!!

  8. Hey Ranveer
    so for day 1 and 2 u said stay low carb post lunch, but you havent mentioned anything about the protein intake throughout. Does one maintain that at a 20%?

  9. i have been watching your videos for a while now….you are a life saver man!! thanks for the great videos!!!

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