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20 thoughts on “What You Should Eat on the Ketogenic Diet – Best of Oz Collection

  1. Wonderful book that is capable of changing your life for better! I am a mother of two children.

    There was an interval of only 13 months between pregnancies, so the weight I put on never decreased. Since my second child was born (over three years ago!), I have never lost weight. The crunch time for me was when I found difficult to go up the stairs. I also noticed that my knees started to hurt when walking down the stairs, this was something new. After that, I realized – I needed to change something until it was too late.

    As the pain in my knee worsened as I descended the stairs, I had to hold onto the railing for a week or two. During this time, I searched the Internet for "how to lose weight", "fast weight loss" … Somehow, I stumbled upon this book. Reading other people's stories, I got more and more inspiration and courage: "I can do it!" I ordered the book was in expectation of something new for me. So finally, I made up my mind. I followed meal plans, cooked the dishes from this book, I even could not choose which one I liked the most. Everything was so easy but very delicious. Luckily, I didn't have any side symptoms, so to cope with the four-week diet plan, it was hard to refrain from carbohydrates but I was persistent. By the end of two weeks, I could not believe that I no longer want to snack on bread, candy and sweets.

    My joint pain disappeared after a few days (definitely by the end of the first week). I don't know how much weight I lost during that time, but after two weeks I knew that the ketogenic diet was to my taste! I'm so glad I took the risk. I am so glad that I am much healthier and happier. I look better. Clothes fit me better. I have to buy a lot of new clothes, but this is my reward for a job well done! This is not a diet, but a complete lifestyle change. There are so many delicious and wonderful recipes in this book that you don't need to feel left out or like you're missing out. Don't miss your chance and order book now. The changes begin with the right decisions!

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  2. Try this it works really good i can tell ya i lost 20 lbs i was 270 down to 250 now you dont know how good it feels to tie my shoes with out feeling i was going to pop lol

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