Will a Cheat-Day Ruin My Ketogenic Diet? – Keto Expert – Dr. Brett Osborn

In his latest video, Will a Cheat-Meal Ruin My Ketogenic Diet, Dr. Osborn explains the potential benefits and downfalls of a cheat meal as it relates to your Ketogenic Diet goals. He also provides some tips to make sure you don’t stray too far. Dr. Osborn is a board-certified neurosurgeon, nutrition specialist and BPI Sports’ expert.

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20 thoughts on “Will a Cheat-Day Ruin My Ketogenic Diet? – Keto Expert – Dr. Brett Osborn

  1. The cheat day honestly helped me to stay in keto.. This month i had one free day and since it i lost 4 kg in like 4 weeks.. I do 1 cheat day every month..

  2. I did strict keto for 6 days and had a cheat day and now I feel sick. It made me feel like I’m going to puke.

  3. I noticed if you are sustained on keto for 2 to 3 weeks and your body starts only using fat for energy you can jump start your keto even more by having one cheat day eating a cheeseburger or a couple slices of pizza from papa murphys. The next morning you will weigh yourself and you will have lost even more weight because your body re-tricks itself even more so them before. Then repeat twice a month.

  4. They’re ok if your okay w/feeling like crap a day or two later & having to work off all the crap thru fasting/workout. I would say save those cheat meals or days on special occasions(birthdays, parties, special events)…more enjoyable & worth it. But for someone that’s already overweight I wouldn’t recommend them since it’ll take you off track.

  5. Well I must still be keto adapted after a week because my cheat meal I didn't really pill anything and I also didn't like it I guess that's a good sign against my body is adapting to it because it didn't like it too much it tastes too sweet

  6. I had a little cheap snack after a week of Keto and I have to say I don't think I care to go back to eating sweets I had a little piece of chocolate cream cake but I have to be brutally honest it takes away to Sweet I might nope after eating it I think I'm not going to miss sweets for a while

  7. I’m here watching this because I cheated last night after a few weeks of keto with blood levels ranging from .5 to 2.9 and my blood ketones were at 1.2 this morning. I was like, huh? But also…yes….please let this not be a fluke. Definitely gave me hope to eat right today to be honest. I’m going to check them again on Monday. But it’s safe to say, I’m not eating any Extra carbs today.

  8. Can i just eat high fat/low carb but without going to ketosis? I love how i feel on keto, but have to eat fast carbs at least once a week due to work events. Is it healthy to eat high fat without the ketones production?

  9. Tldr: If you've done Ketosis for a long time, you can have a cheat day. But if your very new, you should wait a while.
    For anyone that got confused lol))

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