Zero to $300 per day profit on Clickbank ( Clickbank affiliate marketing 2020 )

Want to go zero to 0 per day profit on Clickbank? In this video learn How to make zero to 0 per day profit on ClickBank affiliate marketing in 2020.

With this method, It is easy to make 0 per day profit on Clickbank affiliate marketing. The first thing I selected a product from the Clickbank marketplace which has a video to promote.

In order to make 0 per day profit on Clickbank affiliate marketing, you have to make multiple sales because most of the product in Clickbank is the low ticket. To promote Clickbank product I used youtube ads.

Youtube ads are one of the best and fast ways of making money with ClickBank affiliate marketing. youtube video skippable ads convert well. In order to promote ClickBank product with youtube ads, you must select 20 good relevant videos, on which you can show your ads.

And at the end, you have to test the video, budget, landing page to make 0 per day profit on ClickBank. Now watch the video to learn Zero to 0 per day profit on ClickBank affiliate marketing in 2020.

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Success and Income showed in this channel is based on my hard work and persistent, being failed so many time before succeeding. So you have to go through your part of the process before succeed. No promises can be made of your results on the bases of my hard work.

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20 thoughts on “Zero to $300 per day profit on Clickbank ( Clickbank affiliate marketing 2020 )

  1. thank you for the video, value content. I have a question. When i create a facebook campgign for click bank products, do i need to include in my privacy policy about california regulations and european regulations and others. those i need to purchase online from privacy policy websites. those are mandatory?

  2. Hello sir, my ads was disapproved. This is the error messages :Not eligible

    Ad violates policy and can't run:


    Malicious software

    Read the policy


    Trademarks in ad text

    Contains: weight watch

    Doesn't meet reseller and informational site requirements

    Read the policy, can you assist me please.

  3. I did alle the things you explain step by step and my google ads account has been suspended. How can i solve this problem? Please answer me.

  4. hello,
    We have to paste a custom keto diet link or including with our nickname with it when we create ads in google ads?

  5. Hey Sir, thank you for the video. What type of budget did you use for this campaign? What avg ROAS did you get? Did you use direct linking or did you create a LP? Are you still running this offer?

  6. Hi
    You are good, but you are too fast. You are an expert but we are beginners. It is hard to cope with your speed. Kindly explain each click and each place of inserting relevant links slowly, so that we are able to understand, else it is no use watching your video if we cannot follow and understand. If you could redo this video

  7. you are osm dear great learning from your side on daily basis on each video something i found new that i not know before great just can u make google ads video for keywords also

  8. Sir its Amazing video. Great knowledge. Plz share is necessary to have website. And what is upfront cost to start this venture.

  9. Hello bro ! I supports you in every videos you make ! You gives really effective advices ! After reviewing my ad, it says misleading content ! There are options : Reasons for appeal, Dispute decision and appeal the following ! How may I proceed ? Thanking you in advance

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